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According to the Recovery Board, each Quebec resident consumes an average of
2.5 single use bags each week which accumulates to 130 bags per year. Some of
those bags end up in the trash. In order to resolve this problem, the Canadian
government is planning on banning plastic bags from 2021 in Canada as announced by the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The biggest problem is the price; A standard reusable bag costs on average $ 1.00 which is 20 times more than a plastic one. Hence the development of non-woven
textiles which is a more resistant and lighter material that is very easy to reuse.
With the advanced technology, TNT industry is able to offer you more affordable prices.

Our reusable ecological bags have the following advantages:

  1. Reusable
  2. 100% recyclable
  3. Made from recyclable materials
  4. Soft and easily collapsible bags
  5. Washable in cold water
  6. Breathable and waterproof fabrics
  7. Non-toxic material
  8. Can transport up to 15Kg
  9. Little energy in production
  10. Up to 60% cheaper than standard reusable bags

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of eco-responsible bags

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